why us

Rentier Concierge is the first Polish boutique investment bank that offers carefully selected premises with chain tenants, situated in verified locations.

R for rentier, C for concierge

Our enterprise is a response to the demand for investment in commercial real estate with sizable market potential which generates attractive rate of return.

Rentier – because all real estate offered by our boutique is profitable and bring long-term, high, and sure profits.
Concierge – because we provide services of the best quality and offer verified, sure, profitable premises with chain tenants.

Our values:

  • professionalism
  • secrecy
  • experience

Rentier Concierge in numbers:

  • no 1 on the market of real estate with tenants
  • 0 % commission for sellers
  • 100 % of satisfied clients

What makes us special:

  • being specialised in commercial real estate
  • verified, sure, profitable commercial real estate
  • representing a large investment fund, as well as a large number of individual clients

Our real estate:

  • have full legal audit and a sure market value
  • are situated in checked places
  • are leased to stable chain tenants

Advantages for buyers:

  • high rates of return
  • fixed-period lease agreements with chain tenants
  • stable monthly revenue from the lease
  • high liquidity of the purchased premises

Advantages for sellers:

  • no commission
  • smooth decision process, quick possibility of releasing the financial resources
  • professional execution of transactions

Additional benefits:

  • investment consultancy
  • huge experience and familiarity with the market


Brak zdjęcia
Robert Kisiel
Managing director More than 20 years of experience in the area of commercial real estate.
Brak zdjęcia
Joanna Stachlewska
Real Estate Administrator Specialist knowledge in the area of investment premises sale.
Brak zdjęcia
Tomasz Sęk
Technical and legal audits.

„ The secret of business is to know something that nobody else knows. ”

– Arystoteles Onassis