Would you like to invest your money safely? Buy real estate. Become a rentier and enjoy high revenue.

At Rentier Concierge, you will find the best, verified commercial tenanted properties, selected out of hundreds of offers from all over the country. We offer real estate that generates stable revenue and attractive rates of return.

By buying real estate at Rentier Concierge, you become a landlord and a party to a long term lease agreement that will fill your pocket with money, systematically and consistently.

Verified, sure, and profitable real estate offers stability as well as liquidity. Importantly: you make money not only through stable lease revenue but also from increases in property values.

Stable, high monthly revenue will let you live a rentier’s life!

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„ It is better to have a permanent income than to be fascinating. ”

– Oscar Wilde
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Commercial offers with a tenant
Poczta Polska Profitability: 7.5 %
City: Warszawa Price: 1 104 000 PLN
Alior Bank Profitability: 7,5 %
City: Mysłowice Price: 2 124 270 PLN
Freshmarket Profitability: 7,5%
City: Warszawa Price: 1 520 000 PLN

„ Doing what you love to do is one of the great secrets of financial success. ”

– Brian Tracy

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„ Don’t work for money, let the money work for you. ”

– Robert Kiyosaki